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Around the Home DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Posted by admin On June - 17 - 2011

Around the Home DIY Halloween Costume Ideas


There are many reasons why you may need some around the home DIY Halloween costume ideas. It could be that you aren’t really that into the holiday or don’t have the extra funds in your budget for a Halloween costume. Or you may have just found out you or your child has a Halloween costume party to attend, and it happens to be tomorrow. Whatever the reason, there are ways to come up with a DIY Halloween costume without it having to look like a thrown-together, last minute idea.


Cardboard Creations for Home DIY Halloween Costume Ideas


Get the whole family involved, or just the youngster who needs a costume, and get creative with cardboard, markers, glitter, construction paper, or anything else that could add some touches to a cardboard holiday costume. Some ideas for cardboard costumes include ladybugs, robots or a television set, but let your own creative ideas flow. The Rubik’s Cube and Lego’s are favorite looks for the cardboard costume.


You can also print things from the internet and paste them to the box for a costume. You could either use a repetition print, like zebra stripes, or print details like app icons to create the look of an iPhone. This type of costume can fold down fairly flat, depending on what has been added as décor, and be easily transported.


Closet Creations for Holiday Costumes


Sweatshirts, especially hooded ones, can be the foundation for many a Halloween costume idea. A “hoodie” can easily become an animal, such as a cat, by adding fake ears. Then, by applying the right makeup tricks, you can create a kitty face with whiskers to complete the look. For bunnies, add a powder puff tail. Or for something like a tiger, use electric tape and create stripes on the sweatshirt for a more realistic look. Plain sweatshirts can be useful as well. Use that same black electrical tape on an orange shirt to create a jack-o’-lantern effect.


Aside from sweatshirts, there are plenty of items that can help inspire a look for the haunting holiday. Plaid shirts work for a farmer or woodsmen look. Plaid skirts become part of a school girl uniform. Swap clothes with someone else in the family or household and make a new look. If someone is a golfer or a cheerleader or still has their cap and gown from graduation lying around, any of these can be transformed into costume ideas.


Think of ways to use clothing that gets hidden away in the hall closet or attic. A raincoat slicker and matching boots can be used for some sort of outfit. The overalls you use to paint in or the tacky plaid coat you got as a gift one birthday, either one can become a Halloween look.


Or, you can always make use of that bridesmaid’s dress you only wore once by making it a costume. Add some makeup and fake scars for an “undead,” or zombie, prom queen or bridesmaid. In fact, any formal outfit or regular street clothes can be made “zombie” attire with some makeup tricks.

Random Creations from Inside the Home


Have a large, clear plastic garbage bag and some balloons? Then you have a bag of jelly-beans costume. If you have tissue paper, and plenty of time and patience, the piñata is a unique costume that could end up winning any costume contest. Cut strips of paper, crinkle them and attach them to clothing you have (a sweatsuit is best) with glue or double sided tape.


Roll out of bed, and hit the streets. In other words, let your PJs be your Halloween costume. You can also add a stuffed animal or rattle to this one for the “big baby” holiday costume. Or consider your favorite robe with some green facial mask applied and even some curlers in your hair for that “lounging at the house” look. And, of course, a classic look for the holiday is a clown. A little makeup and any clothing you feel suitable can work. A big curly wig helps the look, but isn’t necessary. Whether your clown is a sad clown, happy or evil and twisted is up to you.


The idea is to have fun with it and get creative. There are plenty of ideas, props and costumes around your home for any person in your home. In fact, if you really start thinking outside the box, there may be so many selections, you won’t know how to choose. You’ll be glad to know, though, that there are plenty of around the home DIY Halloween costume ideas for your holiday.