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Easy, Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

Posted by admin On June - 20 - 2011

Easy, Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes


While Halloween is a special and fun time of the year, those who opt for something other than easy, do it yourself Halloween costumes can end up spending a good bit of money. This is especially true for those who are also finding Halloween costumes for children. Aside from cost, sometimes it is also about waiting until the last minute and needing a quick and easy fix.


Nothing puts a parent in more of a pinch than when your child comes to you with those big puppy dog eyes to inform you the Halloween costume party at school is in the morning. For those types of situations, there may still be hope.


Ultra Last Minute, Easy, Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes


These are some ideas, and tweak them to fit your needs as much as possible. In other words, use these to draw inspiration. Just because you don’t have all the items doesn’t mean it can’t be done in some form or fashion based on what you do have at home. If nothing else, maybe all these will do is spark up your creative brain to think of your own DIY Halloween attire.


So, how about the raining cats and dogs look? Surely you or your beloved little one has a raincoat and rain boots collecting dust in the closet. In fact, for females, this is sometimes a matching ensemble they wish they had more opportunity to wear. Now is the perfect time. This outfit with some stuffed animal cats and dogs, or even cuts outs of pictures from magazines or online printouts, can be affixed to an umbrella for this look.


Big baby is usually another easy to pull off look, if you have a real baby at home. If not, the extras are usually easy to obtain in a moment’s notice. All this really requires is wearing our favorite PJ’s, putting hair in pig tails, finding a pacifier or bottle, and including an optional stuffed animal or “blankie.”


If you are willing to donate a white sheet to the cause, there is always the ghost or mummy look. The sheet has to be cut in strips for the mummy look or slits for eye holes for a ghost have to be made. From there, spook it up, punk it up or dress it up however you want. Go posh with elaborate accessories or use make up to create blood or dirtied spots on the costume.


Slightly More Work


Angels may not be easy to act like, but they are not that hard to duplicate. If you have a white dress or white shirt and pants, white paper and aluminum foil you have an angel costume. The difficult part for this choice in easy, do it yourself Halloween costumes is affixing the wings and halo. Make them out of paper, make the halo out of foil and then just find a way to attach for the day. Safety pins for wings and a headband for the halo should be plenty.


Got any orange clothing? For the look of a jack-o’-lantern, use some black electrical tape to create a face on your top. Using tape may take some time but is darker than a marker, and of course not permanent. Or, go the other route and find some black clothing and masking tape. Make some dotted lines and you have a road. Pin items, such as toy cars or items from children’s play sets such as fake little trees, and you are a real two way street.


Some Last Little Notes


Just think “people” when digging for some last minute ideas. All it takes to go from chic to geek is a pair of glasses, pulling your pants up higher, a calculator or similar themed details. Or find some of those tacky clothes you keep meaning to donate, add a hat, a map, a camera around your neck and you are instantly a tourist. In other words, what’s in your closet that could transform you into a whole new person?


Remember, a lot of it is about working with what you got. Even if none of these ideas got you excited or inspired, start taking inventory of what you do have laying about the house. Browse online for trends and Halloween costumes trends to see if you may have the right stuff right in front of you to make something happen. Easy, do it yourself Halloween costumes don’t have to look that way and with some planning it will be better than any store bought option.