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Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples or Groups

Posted by admin On June - 17 - 2011

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples or Groups

Possibly the only thing better than dressing for the holiday, is finding Halloween costume ideas for couples or groups. Sure, it can be fun to find that unique way to express yourself individually but, then again, the more the merrier. So whether it is you and your partner, a groups of friends or a theme your family can run with together, consider a collaboration this next holiday season.


Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples


The options for couples vary quite a bit depending on the theme you are interested in and who you are going with. What two female best friends may come up with is different than what a married couple or a mother and daughter may go as. It also depends how risqué you do or do not want to be.


For instance, if you are up for wearing not much more than a fig leaf, there’s the Adam and Eve look. If you would rather be much more covered up, then you could go as the bacon and the eggs costumes. There are the famous cartoon character couples, such as Fred and Wilma Flintstone or Shrek and Princess Fiona. If you would like to stick with the spooky Halloween theme, a Frankenstein’s monster and the bride of Frankenstein would do the trick. Of course, if nothing else, pick a theme to decide your costumes, such as hippies or the cop and the prisoner. Right now, using the pirates theme is a sure bet thanks to the popularity of Pirates of the Caribbean.


Halloween Costumes for Groups


This can be a little bit trickier than Halloween costumes for couples, but there are still plenty of great ideas out there. One favorite among the Halloween costume ideas for couples or groups is the “fast food meal” idea. This usually includes a hamburger, French fries and different condiments such as ketchup and mustard, and someone can always go as a beverage cup. Or consider picking a favorite movie you all share and dress up as the characters from it. Something like Star Trek can be a safe bet because, if you are all wearing the uniforms, there is really not doubt as to who you are supposed to be.


Some easy ideas are things that are meant to match or that go together well, such as a group of different colored crayons or, a unique conversation starter, different puzzle pieces from the video game Tetris. Again, you can run with a theme, like zombies, or have one corrections officer and a gang of prisoners. What about going as Michael Jackson and his group of undead dancers from the Thriller video? When in doubt, think of a rock band or a group or superheroes that could be fun to use as a group dress up theme. For families, think of famous families to dress up as. The Addams family or the Simpsons are two popular choices for a family theme.


How to Brainstorm for a Couple or Group Costume


One option to come up with an idea is to go with anything popular at the moment. It could be a popular new kid’s show, a box office movie hit a rock band or people in the news, such as politicians or those of a more scandalous fame. The more obscure, the more time you will spend explaining the coordinating costume theme, but if it is an idea you like, it may be worth it.


For couples, try to think of any other famous couples whether fictional or real. An popular one for couples each year is the Jack Skellington and Sally idea from the classic holiday movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. Or just pick an idea that goes together well like salt and pepper or a maid and a butler.


Animal ideas can work for Halloween costume ideas for couples or groups. Couples could go with the cat and dog look, while groups could run with more of a zoo or jungle theme. Then just pick whichever animals you would like to be, with an optional zoo keeper.


For groups, consider going as the Charlie Brown and Peanuts gang. This should, of course, include a Snoopy and Woodstock. This type of idea is perfect for those who may want to dress up small children or incorporate their own pets into the group Halloween costume theme. There are plenty of group ideas out there, such as The Wizard of Oz or the Scooby Doo Gang. So just look around and get inspired for your Halloween costume ideas for couples or groups.