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Halloween Costumes Appropriate for Work

Posted by admin On June - 18 - 2011

Halloween Costumes Appropriate for Work


Sure the company is encouraging a company dress up day, but finding Halloween costumes appropriate for work may be more difficult than you think. It is important, of course, to not be too risqué, choose something that could be a safety hazard or select a costume that might offend co-workers. No matter how great your costume is, or you think it is, you have to bear in mind that others may not be in agreement. While your family or close friends may understand your sense of humor and realize you would not set out to offend someone else, your boss or co-workers may not know you as intimately.


Deciding on a Halloween Costumes Appropriate for Work

You may be planning this out, or simply running off to the store or costume rental place and hoping to decide once there. The first, easiest thing to do is make sure nothing is too revealing. This can be true for men and women. For instance, a Captain Jack Sparrow pirate getup is fine for work, as long as the pirate shirt doesn’t hang too low or billow open exposing your chest. For women, obviously low-cut tops and high-slit skirts won’t work.


The other thing to consider is safety. It may sound like it isn’t a big deal, but safety should be considered. You are accustomed to performing your job in a different style of clothing and hardly think about such concerns. Anything dangling as jewelry or neck accessories can be hazardous, especially around office equipment such as paper shredders.


Lastly, will the look offend anyone for any reason? It is best to avoid anything that relates to culture, religion or politics. In other words, if it relates to something you shouldn’t bring up in conversation around the office it probably isn’t appropriate for a Halloween costume at the office. You want people to talk about your costume, but not for all the wrong reasons.


So What if You Already Have a Costume?


You have a killer witch costume to wear to your friend’s Halloween party next week, but it doesn’t fall under Halloween costumes appropriate for work. Instead of buying a whole new costume, see if there are some ways to make the costume more suitable for business hours. Is there a cami top that can be worn under the top so the low cut bust area isn’t exposed? Can you wear your own longer black skirt with the outfit instead of the one with the costume, or even over it if need be.


For men, again if the pirate top is too open just wear something underneath. Most outfit details that could be too risqué can be altered rather simply. It is usually nothing some safety pins couldn’t fix. When in doubt, just see if you can change out part of the outfit for some article of clothing of your own that will make the look more acceptable for work.


No Ideas?


Maybe Halloween isn’t really your thing, or you don’t feel like buying an outfit just for one day of holiday festivities at work. Or, it could simply be you are drawing a blank as to what to wear for a costume. Usually, everyone has at least one good costume idea simply waiting for them in their closet, but they haven’t realized it, yet.


How do people at your office or work see you? If you are always showing up to work as completely put together and dressed up, then surprise everyone by dressing down. That could just mean jeans and a band t-shirt or, even more shocking, sweats. Your costume is simply your alter ego or evil twin.


Pajamas are an easy option. This is the one day you could literally crawl out of bed and show up to work as is. Mess up the hair and wear your favorite slippers and call it a day at the office. The pj’s also offer another option which is to go as a baby. Women, put your hair in pigtails. The finishing touches can be a stuffed animal, a baby rattle or bottle and a “blankie.” Just look through your clothing and consider what could be a costume, not just clothing.


By The Way…


When in doubt at all, bring some clothes to be able to change into. Even if your outfit has the potential to become a hazard, or uncomfortable during your day at the office, this is a good idea! If you really can’t be sure or know your outfit is fine for friends but not for work, you may just want to skip the whole idea. Take this chance to treat it as casual dress day and leave the outfit for adult parties. There are Halloween costumes appropriate for work and if you really look, you can find something you will like.