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Halloween Costumes for Pets

Posted by admin On June - 22 - 2011

Halloween Costumes for Pets


With each holiday season, Halloween costumes for pets become more and more popular. With the pet industry, especially dog related specialties, growing the way it is, that really is no surprise. If people are willing to take their dogs to doggie spas and therapists, dressing them for Halloween is minor in comparison. The trick is then, whatever shall your dog wear and where will you find it.


The Low Key, Low Maintenance Halloween Costumes for Pets


Not every pet owner has the time, money or patience to go all out for a costume for their four legged friend. While this doesn’t mean they love their pet any less, it does mean they probably won’t have to work as hard to get the pet to adorn the Halloween garb. Plus, the attire may even last long enough for the photo opp.


The easiest of all pet costumes for your cat or dog is the decorative collar. For some, this just means a studded collar for a petite pet or a diamond studded one for a mean looking beast. Either way, it is simple to put on and, usually, easy to afford. Plus, you may be able to match it with a costume of your own.


Another option for easy as possible pet costumes for the holidays is the headband. Either a plastic U shaped piece or a strap that fits around Fido’s head tends to stay on if the pet doesn’t protest too much. This is also a popular item for Christmas attire for pets. Usually something humorous such as reindeer antlers or, for Halloween, devil horns is simple to do. And again, there isn’t usually a great deal invested in something that will become a chew toy by the end of the Halloween festivities.


The third alternative to dressing up you furry friend for the haunting holiday is a t-shirt or onesie. Similar to baby clothes, these tiny tees simply slip on and are difficult for your pet to get out of. Some popular looks in this department are skeletons and jack-o’-lanterns.


Slightly More Technical Options


For more decorative and inspired Halloween costumes for pets, there are the body suit pieces. These usually slip on like t-shirts or can be put on like a jacket and closed at the under body by a zipper or Velcro. A rather hilarious one involves making your pet look like a fully stuffed taco. You can take it a step further by adding hats or headbands. For example, a ladybug body suit looks adorable on your fanged friend, but add a headband with antennae and the look is complete. Surprisingly, some of these options aren’t even that pricey.


Cats can be trickier to work with, so a slightly more technical option for felines could be a cowboy hat paired with a bandana. If you’re lucky, kitty will tolerate the hat and be unable to pull off the neck attire. T-shirts, collars and bodysuits can usually work with cats, at least for a brief period of time.


Headpieces that go a step above simple headbands are also available. These usually transform your cat or dog’s head to look like another animal, and fasten with Velcro just beneath the chin. There are puffy green frog heads, mice or bugs, witch hats, fish heads along with a ton of other choices in this department.


Going All Out for Your Halloween Costumes for Pets


Maybe your pet has given up and is fine with playing dress up. In these cases, the options get adorable and maybe slightly over the top. This is where some creativity, or a well stocked pet store, can come in handy. There is the construction worker look, complete with hard hat, white tank top under short and even cargo pants. Or imagine your pet as a heroic firefighter with hat, raincoat and even boots, if possible. One of the best costumes yet involves a derby hat to make the critter look like a racing horse, and the body piece comes with a tiny stuffed jockey figure attached as of this “team” is ready for the derby.


Pets and Owners


Of course it is that much more fun when you and the pet can coordinate your costume planning. You can either go in matching costumes, such as the school girl ensemble, or as a team. So while the male owner dresses as a king, his canine companion can be dressed as a queen. You can rock the disco polyester jumpsuit and kitty can wear a fro-wig head piece. The trick for Halloween costumes for pets is to let your imagination run wild.