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Halloween Costumes for Teenagers

Posted by admin On June - 17 - 2011

Halloween Costumes for Teenagers


Shopping for or creating Halloween costumes for teenagers can be more complex than performing this task with young children. Teenagers naturally, have got a mind and opinion of their own, and usually aren’t afraid to express it. With a little patience and communication you can both work together to create a look that your teen would love, and that you will approve of.


Searching for Halloween Costumes for Teenagers


There are plenty of selections online and offline to choose from when it comes to your teens holiday disguise. The idea is to make sure it is something that expresses their choice and individuality and something you are okay with them wearing. Take this time to communicate with them about what they would like to look like for Halloween. This can be a good opportunity to find out more about what they are into now and, hopefully, make this a bonding experience.


More than likely, you will find out about what musicians they are into now, or celebrities or video games. Do some research on your own and make sure it is something you are okay with them dressing as, if this is related to their costume choice. While you want to encourage their interests, you may not want to find out their idea of dressing like that for Halloween means being scantily clad.


Some Ideas for Those Teens without an Idea of Their Own


Maybe your teenager has been invited to a holiday party and has no idea what he or she would like to go as. Halloween costumes for teenagers can be bought or made, it is just a matter of coming up with that right idea. Some popular choices are pirates, monsters, vampires, zombies or any other classic Halloween costume with a modern twist.


Ask your teenager questions about their interests like their recent favorite movie, for example. Then, look it up online to get an idea of what costumes are available for that look, or how it could be made or recreated at home. For example, if your daughter is really into the latest vampire show for teens look up the characters online and see if there is a way to accomplish that look.


DIY or Last Minute Looks


So, you’ve just found out that the invitation for the Halloween party is actually planned for the following day. It is time to get creative and work with your teenager to put something together that doesn’t look last minute or thrown together. Start looking through their own clothing and maybe some of yours as well to get some ideas. The idea here is to keep it simple and, if necessary, only have to pick up an item or two from the store to complete the look.


Maybe your daughter has a great black dress for the ultimate witch look. You look around and find you can use the hat off the witch decoration from your foyer. Her little sister has a black cat stuffed animal she can loan out for the day. Worst case, you may want to pick up a pair of black tights or leggings the next day, but otherwise she has a costume at hand.


Just do a little brainstorming. Some old reading glasses, a calculator, a button up shirt and pants pulled up high can transform your teen into a geek. Use a draped sheet, some sandals and wrap braided hair back for a Greek goddess look. Or, construct some find the old overalls you paint in and go for the hillbilly look.


Other Tips


First and foremost, think safety first. Make sure any Halloween costumes for teenagers prevent problems from occurring. This could mean anything that could obstruct their vision or be a tripping hazard. If the costume must include an eye patch as a pirate or high heels for a beauty queen, pack these items up and let them add these finishing touches once they are at the party, not while getting to and from the event.


Remember, you have final say in what your teen wears. If you feel it is too “mature” or is a representation of something violent or otherwise inappropriate, then express this. Without causing too much conflict, see if you can both come to an agreement on another costume choice. You want your teen to have fun and also be able to express themselves, but you still have the final say.


Lastly, have fun. Make the deciding and finding a costume an enjoyable and bonding experience. Halloween costumes for teenagers are a great way to encourage your teen to enjoy the holiday, and express their individuality.