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Halloween Costumes for Young Children

Posted by admin On June - 19 - 2011

Halloween Costumes for Young Children


Some parents feel that Halloween costumes for young children is great because they get to choose the outfit. This is at least true while the baby is still an infant or toddler. So, it is a good idea to enjoy the few years you have where you have a say-so in what the costume will be. At least though, even once they get just old enough to make up their own mind about the holiday disguise, there are plenty of adorable selections.


Store Bought Halloween Costumes for Young Children


You will, of course, find there is plenty to choose from when it comes to buying a Halloween costume for infants and toddlers. So choosing one just depends on either what you like, what seems symbolic of the child’s personality or a combination of both. You can browse in person or online to get an idea of what you are looking for. You will probably find there is so much to choose from, you can hardly decide where to start.


One way to narrow down the search is decide on a theme. For instance, if you are certain baby should be an animal for his or her first Halloween then search for animal Halloween costumes. Once you have narrowed it down, a tiger for example, do a search of just tiger Halloween costumes for babies.

Or maybe you know after seeing Pirates of the Caribbean that your infant would be the perfect Captain Jack Sparrow. So, search for either pirate or, more specifically, Captain Jack Sparrow Halloween costumes for young children. This type of search enables you to find all the different types of looks available for the look you are going for.


Searching online and offline will help you find just the exact costume you were looking for, or some extra touches you hadn’t thought of. For instance, you may have found the perfect bunny costume online for your infant, but a store locally is selling carrot shaped rattles that would be a perfect addition to the costume. There are so many choices out there and so many well-thought out details and accessories to go with them.


Costumes That Match or Work Together


A great way to incorporate siblings or even the whole family into the Halloween dress up is to go with costumes that match or work together. For example, two toddlers dressed as a dog and a cat would be a cute idea. Or get everyone involved and dress up as some of the 7 dwarves. There have been some adorable and original ideas that include the entire family, as well as even the family pets. One example would be a group that includes the parents as a hamburger and French fries. The children and pets then get to be the condiments.


Safety First


One big concern for children wearing costumes is, of course, their safety. While any kid would look adorable dressed as a strawberry for Halloween, if the piece meant to fit atop his or her head keeps slipping down over their eyes it could be a problem. Many little details of costumes can cause children to not be able to see or can be a tripping hazard.


Most of these wardrobe malfunctions can be fixed with a snip of the scissors or a tiny mend. Just be sure to have your child try the costume on and walk about in it well before Halloween. This way you can see what, if anything should be taken care of before the trick-or-treating, holiday party or photo shoot.


Of course, also watch for potential choking hazards. While most store bought costumes will have to meet the guidelines set to avoid these types of problems, you should give the outfit a double check. Make sure any extras, like buttons or bells, are securely attached. When in doubt, give these types of extras another stitch or two to be safe. This is especially true of anything meant to be held, like a wand for a fairy princess for instance.


Some Other Tips


Above all else, make the holiday fun and stress free as possible for the whole family. For those on a tighter budget, look into online ideas and patterns for making your own Halloween costumes for young children. You can also consider buying a used costume online or from your local baby clothing consignment shop. Ask friends if they have a costume from last year that maybe you both could swap for this year’s Halloween festivities. Picking out Halloween costumes for young children can be the best part of the holiday.