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Halloween Games for Children

Posted by admin On June - 28 - 2011

Halloween Games for Children


No holiday party would be complete without Halloween games for kids. Aside from helping to set the mood for the party, it gives kids something to do to stay active and burn off the increased levels of sugar intake they get this time of year. Remember, keep the activities fun but safe and appropriate for the age groups attending the Halloween function. Enlist the help of other parents for chaperoning and encourage all the children to participate and it’s sure to be an enjoyable and memorable Halloween party for kids.


Classic Halloween Games for Kids


A standard and traditional Halloween party activity is bobbing for apples. This game can be played using a large metal basin tub or a plastic kiddie pool, but should be done outdoors if possible. Also, it should be played with plenty of supervision since it involves children and water. The players, without using their hands, dunk their heads into the water and try to retrieve apples using only their mouths. Usually, a small group plays against each other in rounds and whoever snags an apple first, or the person who gets the most, is the winner.


Parents who do not feel comfortable with this game, or do not feel like cleaning up water from all over their living room, can offer “Hanging Apple” instead. This alternative to bobbing for apples utilizes apples that have been hung up on a tree limb or sturdy rafter by string. Again, without using their hands, children try to snag the apple using only their mouths.


Pin the nose on the witch is a substitute for the kids’ classic party game pin the tail on the donkey. This can also be done using any form of symbolic Halloween related creature. You can use a decoration from a party store and cut off the part to be pinned. Another option is to trace the part to be pinned and make your own version of it. Maybe even have kids make their own before starting the game. You can have a pin the nose on the jack-o’-lantern, or feet on Frankenstein – just keep it Halloween related.


On Their Feet


One of the great things about party games is that children tend to get plenty of exercise without even knowing it. Some, of course, may offer a little more action than others. This is a great way to tire children out before winding down for the evening. Some of it will depend greatly on how much space you have available.


The Monster Mash has been a classic Halloween tune, as well as a graveyard smash, since around 1962. Using this song, have kids play a different version of freeze tag called “Monster Mash Freeze.” Kids dance while the song is played, but when the music is stopped at random intervals, participants must “freeze” in place or be out. The last one standing is the champ.


Pumpkin bowling is another one of the Halloween games for children that keep them on their feet. You can use a standard plastic bowling set and a mini pumpkin as the ball and have kids compete to knock the most pins down. You can even make it part of a small obstacle course so children run from one holiday themed game to the next.


As a separate game, or as part of the obstacle course, you can also include the eyeball and spoon race. Like the old egg and spoon race but with a Halloween twist, use an egg or ping pong ball painted to look like an eyeball and have kids race to the finish line without dropping the eye. For extra fun have each child decorate their own ping pong ball prior to the race. You can also create a version of this game utilizing a balloon and a paper plate. Again, an option is to have children decorate their balloon first to look like an eyeball. The child who makes it to the finish line first without dropping the balloon from the paper plate is the winner.


A Final Word


The idea is, when in doubt, put a Halloween theme or twist to a classic game and you have a holiday activity. Whatever activities you choose, just keep the kids involved as much as possible. This could mean helping to set up the games or decorating their own object to participate in the activities. Try to give everyone a chance to have a turn and, hopefully, be a winner. Halloween games for children should be fun but safe and add to making it a party to remember.