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Halloween Haunted Houses Safety

Posted by admin On June - 17 - 2011

Halloween Haunted Houses Safety


Having ideas for haunted houses safety is a way to plan for your Halloween to go off without a hitch. Whether you are planning on creating your own or taking your family to one, there are some tips to keep in mind. Overall though, the idea is to be cautious and still have a good time.


Haunted Houses Safety for DIY


So, you want to transform your home into a spook fest? This could mean just a good variety of decorations, or a more elaborate and detailed haunted house. However you plan to carry out a haunted house theme of your own, just be certain safety comes first. This means for your own home as well as the well-being of others.


In fact, one main safety hazard around Halloween for any home is the jack-o’-lantern. While the traditional carved pumpkin illuminated by a burning candle looks cool, it can also pose a fire hazard. Be certain the flame is not leaving too much of a singe mark, which would mean it is too close to starting a fire.


Try to keep jack-o’-lanterns off pathways with foot traffic to prevent them being knocked and igniting a fire. Do not forget to extinguish the candle each night before going to bed. Do not get so busy with Halloween night festivities that you forget to check on the candle occasionally. If it seems too much to worry about, you can always opt for fake jack-o’-lanterns that plug in or illuminate the real thing with a glow stick instead. In fact, anything you use for décor should be flame retardant if possible.


Aside from Fire


Other than that, your main concern for a DIY haunted house is to make sure there are no tripping hazards. Anything that could get snagged on someone should be considered too. Fake spider webs, for example, if not properly secured, can dangle and be a potential problem for getting caught around the feet or even the neck. Also, watch for hazards such as protruding nails or screws. And, if you have anyone acting the part as a ghost or murderous fiend, make sure they aren’t carrying anything that could injure someone.


If you are actually going all out and building a haunted house, instead of just decorating a room or two of your home, you must have emergency exits and insurance. Before getting this far into a project of this magnitude, check with your local government about regulations and codes.


Visiting Haunted Houses


The same ideas apply as creating your own haunted house, and that is to watch for the same things when visiting a haunted house as you would when building one. If you are going with someone, especially younger family members, stick together. Keep an adult in the front and rear to help monitor for things sharp objects, such as nails, and tripping hazards. While you may be tempted to carry children, this may not be wise if tripping is a possibility.


Carry a flashlight, just in case. If your youngsters are too afraid, use the light to guide yourselves out. Also, keep alert to where emergency exits are located. Some haunted houses will provide a map of the interior, including emergency exits, so be sure to request one. This is especially true for large or multi-level haunted houses.


Corn Mazes


These have become a popular type of outdoor Halloween attraction over the past few years. They can be a great alternative to indoor haunted houses or in addition to a traditional house of horror. The same safety rules apply; families should be equipped with flashlights and cell phones and try to stick together. You should also devise a plan for meeting up should the family become separated. Either instruct the child to stay in one spot, or have a meeting point that may be easy to locate even in the midst of being lost in a maze.


The only difference with a corn maze is that a child could wander outside the boundaries into a road or away from the property. Make sure they understand the hazards of wandering from the maze perimeters. Try to get a map, if one is available, and find out if the operators have a plan of action for helping to search for a lost child should yours wander too far away from you.


Use these tips and you should have a fun and safe haunted house adventure. Check out the Haunted House Association for more details. Haunted houses safety methods are good to know to insure the best outcome for the holiday.