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Halloween Safety Tips

Posted by admin On June - 17 - 2011

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween safety tips are just a good way to insure the holiday goes off without a hitch. Being safe, or keeping the youngsters safe, during this holiday isn’t difficult; it just means planning ahead to avoid problems later. Do a little thinking before any costume parties or trick-or-treating and you will be able to relax and enjoy the holiday and festivities without any stress.


Halloween Safety Tips for Costumes


Dressing up in Halloween costumes can be one of the best aspects of the holiday. Costumes can also cause problems, for youngsters and adults. There are some basic things to watch for to prevent problems and avoid accidents or injuries relating to a Halloween get up. Keep in mind, the more “wardrobe malfunctions” you can avoid, the better.


The most obvious tip to consider for Halloween costumes for youngsters is to avoid choking hazards. Look over an outfit and any accessories for anything that could be pried off and end up as a teething toy for a baby. If there are details, such as buttons, meant to be decoration on an outfit, just take a moment to give them an extra hand stitch and avoid problems later.


Aside from that, make sure costumes do not obstruct view or cause problems such as tripping. Whether the costume is for you or your child, make sure the getup is tried on before going out in it. Walk around in the costume and see if anything presents itself as a potential hazard. If so, make some adjustments to fix it now instead of dealing with it later.


Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating


Obviously, as much fun as trick-or-treating can be, safety must come first. Youngsters must have a flashlight and, preferably, have some sort of reflective device or tape adhered to their costume while going door-to-door. Also, make sure they are wearing appropriate footwear. Even if the princess costume comes with little ballet type slippers, for hitting the streets sneakers would be much better.


Try to have the children travel in group, be responsible for a buddy, hold hands and go with as many adult chaperones as possible. Do not move from one house to the next until all children are accounted for. And make sure to watch the street at all times. Though drivers should be on high alert Halloween night, better to be safe than sorry. On that note, also be careful yourself when driving on Halloween night. It can be easy to get distracted by your little goblins fighting over candy in the back seat, but make sure to pull over instead of taking your eyes off the road to break up a scuffle.


Of course, checking the bag of collected candy loot once home is absolutely necessary. Do not let a youngster have a single piece of candy until it has been checked. Check that wrappers are intact, that apples are sliced before eating to check the inside and baked goods, like cookies, are at your discretion. When in doubt, throw them out.


Safety Tips for Halloween Decorating


Decorating the house for the Halloween holiday can be fun for the family, as well as add the perfect holiday ambiance. Of course, the main thing to consider when planning your home décor is safety. One problem that is common during the holiday is jack-o’-lanterns and fire hazards. Especially during Halloween night when everyone is preoccupied with trick-or-treating, make sure any candle lit jack-o’-lanterns are being monitored. Also, make certain to never go to bed without extinguishing the candle inside the pumpkin. For this reason, many people have begun to opt for fake jack-o’-lanterns that simply plug in to a wall socket.


Watch also for anything that could end up a tripping issue. Fake skeletal arms reaching from the ground may look like a cool scary haunted graveyard scene, but in the wrong place could become a tripping hazard on a walkway, especially during trick-or-treating. The thick tendrils of fake spider webbing can add some authentic haunted house appeal, but should be secured so they do not drape down and either catch someone by the neck or feet.


Common Sense


In general, if you use common sense when it comes to planning any of your Halloween details, you will avoid any possible problems. Also, listen to your instincts. If anything seems off or like a bad idea, do away with it. This includes trick-or-treating, for example. If you just aren’t certain you want your child out and about on the streets on the night of Halloween, try to find an alternative. There is usually a party or trick-or-treating at the mall instead of going door-to-door. Halloween safety tips are meant to make you alert not panicked.