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Scary Halloween Movies

Posted by admin On June - 26 - 2011

Scary Halloween Movies


The topic of scary Halloween movies can actually ignite quite a debate. It seems every horror movie buff has his or her list of top movies and is not willing to budge on the subject. Of course, what spooks one scary flick enthusiast may not even mildly bother another! There are, though, some that seem to show up on many of the top lists of scary Halloween movies to watch when you’re trying to get in the spirit of the holiday.


Ghastly Tales


It seems only fitting that the first movie that must get a mention in the category of scary Halloween movies is Halloween. A blood-thirsty escaped mental patient wreaks havoc on a town while his doctor tries to stop the madness. While maybe not the scariest movie of all time, it is certainly scary enough and perfect for the holiday.


Of course, The Exorcist is possibly one of the most terrifying movies to date. So scary in fact, that there doesn’t need to be a remake. The more recent re-release, with scenes edited from the original that were deemed too scary, was enough. While there were sequels, none of them did the original justice.


Ghostly Tales


Possibly one of the best scary Halloween movies focusing on ghosts is the 1982 Poltergeist. The premise itself is more frightening than some “ghost stories” as the plot is about poltergeists, which are known to be violent. The entire house itself seems to be raging against the family while the young daughter is kidnapped into the spirit world.


Speaking of spirits will ill intent has to mean mentioning Stephen King’s classic chiller The Shining. During a long winter of care-taking the Stanley Hotel, a writer husband starts communicating with the ghosts of the lodge. These spirits, combined with a bad case of cabin fever and writer’s block, lead the main character to chase down his wife and son with an ax.


Tales of the Undead


There are plenty of characters or types of supernatural creatures that have made many a great horror flick, but few evoke the fear that zombies do. The idea of everyday people not just facing death, but returning to eat the brains of their fellowmen has always been a disturbing basis for a plot.


There are certainly plenty of classic and more modern tales of the undead, but the genre can almost be summed up by creating a George Romero category. Some of his classic brain-munching, zombie tales include Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead, just to name a few.


Zombieland is another great zombie flick, though diehard horror movie buffs don’t like to hear it lumped into the scary Halloween movies category. This one has plenty of gore, plenty of scare and some of the most horrific looking, realistic zombies in movie history, but is more of a black humor piece. This is great, though, for those who want to watch a zombie flick but have a laugh or two to break up the fear factor.


The King of Scare


Since George Romero gets to corner the zombie genre, it seems only fair to mention Stephen King for his contribution to scary Halloween movies in general. While there have been plenty of cinematic versions of his short stories, books and novels that fell flat, there have been plenty that became instant classics.


Aside from the aforementioned The Shining, Stephen King has been the brains behind such classics as Carrie, Cujo, It, Christine, Pet Sematary, The Dead Zone and Children of the Corn just to name a few. When in doubt, grab a handful of Stephen King flicks from the horror section and it is more than likely that you’ll only come across one or two flops. This writer has truly mastered the characters, situations and gore that have haunted most of us since childhood.


Creating the Mood


So while the time around Halloween can feel spooky on its own, it never hurts to try to create a scarier environment conducive to the theme. Dim the lights, or turn them off, or possibly opt for a few candles. Having the place already decorated for Halloween helps, too. And if you get a prank phone call asking what your favorite scary movie is and it seems a bit too much like Scream, better to just hang up even though you probably have a great response to give. Better to watch some scary Halloween movies than end up a character in one.