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The World of Pirate Halloween Costumes

Posted by admin On June - 21 - 2011

The World of Pirate Halloween Costumes


It is hard to believe one type of holiday disguise could have its own niche, but pirate Halloween costumes have managed to do just that. While this has always been a popular holiday personal décor choice, the recent love of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies has certainly upped the desire. It can be a fun choice for those who like to go as a character a little bit ruthless, but not in the realm of spooky creatures like devils, ghosts or vampires. So while you may not look like Johnny Depp no matter how great the costume and makeup are, it can still be fun to try.


Pirate Halloween Costumes for Men


Aside from pasting the Jolly Roger flag of skull and cross bones across your “ship,” in other words car, you’ll be glad to know there are varieties of pirate looks. Of course, the most popular pirate Halloween costume for men right now is the Captain Jack Sparrow. This comes with everything you would envision Johnny Depp’s character wearing and can include optional accessories. If you don’t feel like investing in boots, no worries matey, there are pieces that slip over regular boots to create the same look. The thinly beaded dread wig isn’t optional, though. What would Captain Jack Sparrow be without his lovely locks?


There are other styles of men’s pirate costumes, such as the “cutthroat.” This look usually includes the red and black striped leggings, an eye patch and the curved sword symbolic of this style of pirate. There is the Captain Black Heart look, which comes with the ornate red, velvet ¾ length jacket and matching hat. An optional bottle of booze can be explained to others as simply part of the costume.


Of course for most of these looks an earring, hat, eye patch sword and parrot do so much to complete the look. You will be glad to know there is even a peg leg option. This piece attaches to your pants and hangs down over your camouflaged leg for the appearance of a peg leg.


Pirate Halloween Costumes for Women


These tend to be much more revealing and appealing, as well as low cut in the top and high slit in the skirt. There is no reason why women can’t also look like they are ready to do some looting and acquire some booty, even if there weren’t typically female pirates sending others off to walk the plank. Same optional accessories apply, though a popular one for just the gals is the thigh-riding garter belt complete with faux saber.


There’s the classy pirate look that comes with a velveteen ¾ coat, and not much underneath. High heel pirate boots and of course a more feminine hat are the finishing touches on this style of pirate. Another look for female pirates is more of the lower class, but still as lovely, working class pirate. Not quite a swabbie, or deck member to mop the deck, but not far above either. So for this, picture a corset top over a tight fitting pirate blouse paired with an jagged cut skirt and there’s the look. Well, that and sexy boots and a sword, of course. Fishnets don’t hurt the look either.


Don’t Forget the Children and Pets


That’s right, the pirate Halloween costumes aren’t just for adults. Plenty of children planning to make their rounds trick-or-treating or to Halloween parties think “it’s the pirate look for me,” although maybe not the life in this case. The same general ideas apply, as it’s all about the ability to not look like a land lubber. Plenty of striped leggings, ornate hats, fake swords and of course, the skull and cross bones symbols. There are even costumes for babies and toddlers. No person is too small or too young to be a Jack Sparrow in his younger days.


To Buy or DIY


The thing is, the price of some of these costumes can really add up. When possible, rent the look and save some cash or borrow from a friend who already hit the Halloween parties. Find anything you have at home to dress it up, such as a scarf, excessive jewelry or large, ornate belt buckle. If possible, too, make items by hand especially for children and pets.


Of course, it is required to learn some cheesy pirate terminology to overdo it in front of your friends. While some costumes don’t really invoke much character to come with it, this is one that requires some proper hamming it up. When opting for pirate Halloween costumes for the holiday, bring some of your personal flair with it.