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Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Halloween Makeup Ideas


Halloween makeup ideas can be a crucial part of your costume. In fact, in some cases, it may be the most important part of your costume. The outfit is one thing, but makeup can help drive the point home about what your costume is supposed to be. A zombie isn’t really a zombie without makeup to create the full effect.


The Easy Route


Some store bought costumes actually include a small kit of makeup to help with your costume, for example, may include a tube of green face paint. A monster may have already made scars that can be fairly easily applied. If not, there are still ways to create or add to your look with little to no effort.


The simplest approach may be using white face paint and black eyeliner. These two items can help you create multiple looks. Ghosts, skeletons and mimes all utilize these two shades and also don’t require too much skill. That, or don’t overlook the simplicity of creating a simple cat face with whiskers. You can do the nose in black, but pink can add a little more depth to it.


As a Costume


Maybe you want your Halloween makeup ideas to act as your costume, not in addition to it. There are ways to do so, but some can require some intricate work. Shop online or offline for makeup kits that include stencils for this specific purpose. You could also consider using a professional makeup artist, or hitting up a friend who is one for a favor.


So, if you have time, patience and a wide variety of colors to work with, here are a few ideas that act as costumes instead of just makeup. One idea is a deck of cards. You can paint your face white and add either multiple suits, such as hearts or clubs, or a single one. Or, how about a zebra or tiger! While it doesn’t have to be perfect, it will be slightly more time consuming than some other options. Just think of things or animals that could be easily represented by face painting, like fish scales, and give it a go.


You also pick something that is highly recognizable by its face. Think comic books, super heroes or cartoon characters. Anyone would recognize a well painted Spider Man or Joker face. You can also just think back to your childhood when you would get your face painted at the fair. When in doubt, simply painting a swimming fish or mystical unicorn on your face can act as a costume. If nothing else, you can also go really simple and paint puzzle piece sections on your face. At least it is something.


More Elaborate Ideas


You can get as complicated as you like when it comes to painting up your face for Halloween. It depends on your ability and the amount of time you have. As mentioned before, zombies just aren’t the undead without a full face of makeup. For those who have the skills, create deep cuts, gashes and scars to make a dramatic impact. Keep in mind, there are recipes to be found online to help create 3D effects for some Halloween makeup ideas. For example, corn syrup and red food color can be used to make sticky bloody marks or incisions on your face.




Decide if you should put the costume on before or after the makeup is applied. If your costume tends to make you heat up and slips on without going over your head, then you will want to wait until after you’ve finished your makeup. Otherwise, especially if the costume slips on overhead, it is generally a good idea to have the costume on. Just be certain to cover up the costume to prevent spilling any makeup on it.


Bring extra makeup with you. There is always a chance of a smudge occurring and having your kit with you enables you to make a quick fix. Of course, it is also a good idea to bring some tissues and facial wipes with you. You may find out an hour into the party your eye makeup is irritating you, and should have a quick easy way to remove some or all of the face paint. At the end of the event, you also may want to remove the makeup immediately to allow your skin to breathe.


The idea is to have fun with it, try not to take it too seriously or get frustrated. Allow yourself some time and, when possible, practice your technique before the holiday party. Halloween makeup ideas can really add some depth to whatever character you decide to portray for the holiday.



Animals That Symbolize Halloween

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Animals That Symbolize Halloween


Animals that symbolize Halloween have become associated with Halloween over the generations to end up being a large part of the holiday. It could have something to do with the fact that the first Halloween “costumes” were animal skins worn by the Celts. More than likely, they have just been picked along the way because of individual animal’s connection to certain things that represent the scary or the supernatural.


Generally, most of the critters that have come to symbolize Halloween are nocturnal. This seemed fitting for being connected to evil spirits, witches or vampires who rule the night. Cats, bats and owls have all been linked to things that go bump in the night, especially during Halloween.


Black Cats = Animals That Symbolize Halloween


This symbol has become so tied into Halloween tradition and the occult that owners of black cats are advised to keep their pets indoors for a few days prior to Halloween so they are not stolen. Pet shelters and cat rescue groups will not adopt out the onyx haired felines for up to a week before the holiday. Black cats are even part of the superstition that if one crosses your path, you will have bad luck or even die.


Cats have been given a bad rap since being linked to witches. Folklore has made these creatures pets or “familiars” of witches throughout history. This link is so intertwined that, during the witch trials, cats were often killed for being evil just as the reported witches were. Ironically, some stories claimed witches would sacrifice these animals during rituals or kill them to use in brews for spells and curses. That is the main reason frogs get linked to witches and Halloween, as well.


Bats and Halloween


There are a few reasons these winged creatures have become linked to Halloween and all things otherworldly. The first is the presence of bats during the very first Halloweens. It is said that during Samhain, the original Halloween, great bonfires were built to ward away evil spirits. Because fires attract bugs and bugs attract bats, there was a great presence of bats during these activities. It was viewed that the bats were connected to the spirit world trying to get through, but still frightened off by the roaring flames.


The other reason bats have become a symbol of evil is their connection to vampires. Since early stories of Dracula and vampires have often included bats, in one way or another, they have long been thought of as evil as well. Vampires were thought to turn into bats to fly through the night and be able to get into rooms with great ease. It was also thought that bats would live in the high arches of castles where vampires resided. By the way, these critters turn up in witches’ brew recipes as well.


Owls and the Halloween Connection


Found hidden deep in the tree branches of dark woods, late into the night that haunting screech can be the only thing one hears. While it may be pleasant now, imagine walking a dark wooded path alone long before modern times. This could be a very unsettling noise. A reminder you are not alone and yet unable to see the creature making sounds nearby.


Like bats, owls would take flight during those first Samhain events. They would fly close enough to the fires to snag bugs, or lower for rodents, and seemed to be linked to the spirit world. Like cats, owls have also been connected to witches for being their companions. It doesn’t help that a witch in a Grimm’s fairy tale does transform into an owl.


Crows and the Macabre


It is almost safe to say that if an animal comes in all black, it could be considered linked to the supernatural and scary. Crows have long been thought to become present to represent a bad omen. This could be why this creature has come to symbolize Halloween. Also, they are sometimes believed to be companions of witches and certainly a common part of their brews to cast spells.


A group of crows circling overhead, called a murder actually, has become a tale of superstition claiming someone will die. Of course there are plenty of cultures and folklore that consider a single crow or a murder of crows to be good luck, but when it comes to Halloween, crows are seen as devious. Edgar Allan Poe may not have helped the matter with his classic chilling poetic account of “The Raven” who comes knocking, knocking at his chamber door.


There are other animals that symbolize Halloween, but these are some of the more traditional and common ones.