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Halloween Makeup Ideas

Posted by admin On July - 12 - 2011

Halloween Makeup Ideas


Halloween makeup ideas can be a crucial part of your costume. In fact, in some cases, it may be the most important part of your costume. The outfit is one thing, but makeup can help drive the point home about what your costume is supposed to be. A zombie isn’t really a zombie without makeup to create the full effect.


The Easy Route


Some store bought costumes actually include a small kit of makeup to help with your costume, for example, may include a tube of green face paint. A monster may have already made scars that can be fairly easily applied. If not, there are still ways to create or add to your look with little to no effort.


The simplest approach may be using white face paint and black eyeliner. These two items can help you create multiple looks. Ghosts, skeletons and mimes all utilize these two shades and also don’t require too much skill. That, or don’t overlook the simplicity of creating a simple cat face with whiskers. You can do the nose in black, but pink can add a little more depth to it.


As a Costume


Maybe you want your Halloween makeup ideas to act as your costume, not in addition to it. There are ways to do so, but some can require some intricate work. Shop online or offline for makeup kits that include stencils for this specific purpose. You could also consider using a professional makeup artist, or hitting up a friend who is one for a favor.


So, if you have time, patience and a wide variety of colors to work with, here are a few ideas that act as costumes instead of just makeup. One idea is a deck of cards. You can paint your face white and add either multiple suits, such as hearts or clubs, or a single one. Or, how about a zebra or tiger! While it doesn’t have to be perfect, it will be slightly more time consuming than some other options. Just think of things or animals that could be easily represented by face painting, like fish scales, and give it a go.


You also pick something that is highly recognizable by its face. Think comic books, super heroes or cartoon characters. Anyone would recognize a well painted Spider Man or Joker face. You can also just think back to your childhood when you would get your face painted at the fair. When in doubt, simply painting a swimming fish or mystical unicorn on your face can act as a costume. If nothing else, you can also go really simple and paint puzzle piece sections on your face. At least it is something.


More Elaborate Ideas


You can get as complicated as you like when it comes to painting up your face for Halloween. It depends on your ability and the amount of time you have. As mentioned before, zombies just aren’t the undead without a full face of makeup. For those who have the skills, create deep cuts, gashes and scars to make a dramatic impact. Keep in mind, there are recipes to be found online to help create 3D effects for some Halloween makeup ideas. For example, corn syrup and red food color can be used to make sticky bloody marks or incisions on your face.




Decide if you should put the costume on before or after the makeup is applied. If your costume tends to make you heat up and slips on without going over your head, then you will want to wait until after you’ve finished your makeup. Otherwise, especially if the costume slips on overhead, it is generally a good idea to have the costume on. Just be certain to cover up the costume to prevent spilling any makeup on it.


Bring extra makeup with you. There is always a chance of a smudge occurring and having your kit with you enables you to make a quick fix. Of course, it is also a good idea to bring some tissues and facial wipes with you. You may find out an hour into the party your eye makeup is irritating you, and should have a quick easy way to remove some or all of the face paint. At the end of the event, you also may want to remove the makeup immediately to allow your skin to breathe.


The idea is to have fun with it, try not to take it too seriously or get frustrated. Allow yourself some time and, when possible, practice your technique before the holiday party. Halloween makeup ideas can really add some depth to whatever character you decide to portray for the holiday.