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Goriest Halloween Movies

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Goriest Movies For Halloween


When you talk about gory movies — there are different levels of gore.  Even a small amount of blood can make some people faint, or the thoughts of being stabbed, or shot, or dismembered etc.  To see the blood draining out of you is another shocker, as is getting attacked by a vampire.  Some of the scariest bits in movies and novels come from the 19th century as some of Edgar Allen Poe’s classic stories — one is The Pit and The Pendulum.


A few of his books have been made into movies but are probably not gory enough for modern aficionados of the genre. We have some of the goriest movies listed below, in no particular order, for your rental or downloadable pleasure.  Most are certainly not suitable for children.


Nightmare on Elm Street (Johnny Depp  bedroom scene)


Freddy Kruger ingests handsome Johnny then spits him out — into his bed.  A lovely scene and not for Depp fans.


Dead Alive (the lawnmower scene)


Funny and gory all at the same time.  A half zombie (recently separated into two) advances towards one of the leads.  Very squishy and similar to gore level of Kill Bill.


Cube and Resident Evil (for lovers of the slice and dice genre)


A laser dices up a person in R.E., just like those iron chefs on TV.  In Cube, a thatched metal wall does the dicing.  More loss of blood than with lasers, I’m guessing.


Final Destination 2 (pigeons involved)


Tommy gets crushed quickly beneath a panel of glass.  Pretty quick and may be too fast for some lovers of gory scenes.


High Tension (Haute Tension in French) — the chest of drawers death


Nothing like being decapitated by a nice armoire.  It happens quick so you get your gory fix right away.


Ghost Ship (opening sequence)


This is a great and gory scene.  Passengers on a ship dancing, having fun, eating a drinking.  They are on deck when one of those high tension cables comes loose, swings down at just about waist height, and slices everyone in half immediately.  It happens so fast that some don’t even know and go to walk away from their lower halves.  Pretty much the goriest one we’ve seen.


Hellraiser (Jesus Wept)


At the beginning and end of this one, Cenobites get Frank into a real bind and chains with hooks on the end pierce his skin.




This is a comedy horror film but it gets nice and gory when the monster splits a victim open like a green pea pod, with just its tail.


Saw Three (the rack trap)


The trap is slow and torturous and twists off the victim’s limbs individually.  Not for the squeamish.


Day of the Dead


This movie is a classic and has one of the bloodiest scenes ever in a movie.  Slow zombies can do just as much damage as quick ones. They must get their energy from all of those brains…


Even if a movie is glassed as gory, it can be better with some kind of decent plot and a lot of the action left to the imagination.  You simply cannot beat Psycho for the shock value of blood running through shower water in the shower scene.  If done well, movies can make even diehard fans of gore jump.  People still love to watch films in a movie theatre because of the group reactions to the horror of it all.


Some of the classic Sci-Fi movies do well in the gore department, especially the Alien series.  Remember the first one when the baby alien splits open the crewmember’s chest?  And we just thought he had a bad case of gas.  Now, if you could combine Day of the Dead and Alien, and all of those Halloween movies and throw in a healthy dose of classic Nosferatu and Christopher Lee vampires and teeny-boppers holed up in a remote cabin somewhere (and being killed off one by one), you’d have the plot of the best and goriest Halloween movie ever.  Maybe.


As a unique Halloween game you could have everyone sit in a circle and write a short and gory Halloween movie scene.  Then, people have to read their own scenes and add all of the necessary sound FX.  Who knows — it could be the next big Halloween movie.