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Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Halloween Makeup Ideas

A lot of the theatrical makeup used for Halloween dress-up can cause reactions in sensitive people, so always test it first. Or, read the ingredients before purchasing.  You don’t want to look like  a leopard with spots, if your goal was to be an Egyptian queen!  If you’ve purchased your costume then it will usually have a few make-up ideas in the package.  If you are lost and don’t know what you’d like to do, then  look at some books or designs on the Internet and they will inspire you.

If you sweat a lot, then chose a light makeup up look.  The more “greasepaint” you put on your body, the bigger the likelihood that you will sweat.  There are natural mineral makeups out there plus specially designed ones used in show business, that won’t cause reactions.  They can be more expensive but it’s worth it if you’ll feel more comfortable.  Some costume designs require a lot of makeup to create the look, while a few hardly need any.  A lot of costumes use masks and if you aren’t allergic to latex then this is an almost instant way to glam up your outfit.

Makeup for animal costumes is more complex than a lot of others  This is like those face paintings that the kids get done at county fairs.  One accidental wipe at your cheek and the look may be ruined.  Even little babies can have a few dots or noses or whiskers on their faces.  Of course, any makeup for babies should be hypoallergenic from the get go.  Watch out for glitter.  It’s usually applied by a spray and it can cause reactions, besides the fact that it tastes funny if you get some in your mouth.  Use a well-lit makeup mirror for your makeup if it’s complex.  Try and get a photo of the look you’re aiming for and tape it up on the mirror at eye level so you can refer to it.


One thing to be careful of is makeup staining either your skin or an area of your home where you don’t want it.  You have to get it off you before you go to bed, and sometimes it does take special removers.  Test first, well before you’ll be needing it, and also test how to get it off.  Remember — read about both the makeup and the way to get it off, because you don’t want your skin being removed along with it.


Theatrical makeup artists study for a long time because they often have to age or “young” an actor up for a role, or create a monster or disfigured person (such as in Phantom of the Opera) and these become an integral part of an actor’s costume.  Once they start to act, then the two often meld together to form the character.  We’ve gotten a few tips together for specific looks.




This is not just throwing a bunch of makeup on your face and mixing it up together like a bread pudding.  At the base of every monster is the person or being which existed before they became a monster.  Somehow, you have to transcend the bridge and make your monster real.  If it’s an “affliction” then make it as simple, and as real as you can.  Sometimes a perfectly simple Mardi Gras-like mask can help, as in Phantom of the Opera.  There needn’t be anything behind a mask, but we can always wonder.




For men, there’s a certain swagger to an explorer or adventurer or pirate.  This can mean beard stubble, which is easy for men as they have their own.  Just don’t shave for a few days.  You can always stipple on some black makeup as well, unless you are a red head of course.  An old sword wound can be created as long as it doesn’t curl up on  your face like a mini-venetian blind because of sweat.  One director made himself up as Nanki-Poo in Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado, and he was so active that his eyebrows started to peel off.  I couldn’t look at him without choking up.  You can buy wounds in either a magic shop or makeup store or off the Internet.

Women’s Makeup

Most women use makeup every day, but some do not.   Most women leave the superhero and heavy makeup look to the men and opt for a more natural makeup job.  Most women know when they look silly so most women will do alright at Halloween.  Have a friend help you if need be.  Help the men in your family with their makeup, because they are no doubt quite inexperienced at it.  Have a happy and safe Halloween.