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Halloween Party Invitations

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Halloween Party Invitations


Halloween party invitations are the perfect way to set the tone and ignite excitement about your holiday bash. The trick is to make sure all the information that is crucial to the event is listed, and that guests get an idea of what the party will be like. You also have options when it comes to making, buying or printing your Halloween invites.


What Goes on Your Halloween Party Invitations?


The first thing that really should be made clear is the type of party you are planning on having. Some of that can be obvious from the type of invitation you send, so make sure it matches. If you are really just doing an autumn get together, don’t use invitations that have skulls and bats all over them. Of course, if you are throwing an all out chilling and spooky monster mash bash, don’t send invitations that just have pumpkins and autumn leaves on them.


Because themes and activities at Halloween parties can be inappropriate for certain ages you should make that clear too, if necessary. In other words, if this is an adults-only sort of event, make sure there isn’t a misunderstanding. Even if you are planning to have scary stories that would not be a good idea for the under 13 age group, specify the party is a “PG-13” type of gathering. In all other cases, maybe just mention “all ages welcome.”


Also Include…


The events you are planning can help entice and inform potential guests, as well. You should certainly include planned activities such as bobbing for apples, a hay ride, ghost stories and a costume contest. In fact, although it should be understood, it can’t hurt to mention that “there will be a costume contest, so wear your best one.”


If you would like people to bring anything, just let them know. It could be food, candy or, for adults, wine or beer. If you’re hosting the event and supplying most of the food or events, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help in return. While on the subject, mention if there will be food and say what kind. If it is just snacks, people may want to eat beforehand. If it is a seven course meal, guests might want to know before grabbing a meal on the way.


The general idea is to include all information so that no one would even have to question the details. This includes the address, especially if is somewhere other than your home, phone number for RSVP, phone number for venue if different, email, time, date and anything else you deem necessary.


DIY Invites


If you’re feeling crafty, there are several options you can choose from to make your own Halloween party invitations. You can print your own that you design on your computer and that will save you money compared to buying store bought ones and time by not having to create anything more elaborate than that.


Or, if you would like to get your family involved, get everyone to pitch in and make the invitations. Use markers and stickers and glitter, just get creative. Keep in mind, one person should probably write out the important details of the party. Having your five year old try to spell out “Halloween party” sounds cute, but the data will be lost in the scribble.


Vintage Invitations


You can find great vintage Halloween invitations from online sources such as eBay and Etsy. It adds some flair to use old fashioned, retro invites. There are places online that specialize in this type of thing, and you can find entire packaged Halloween invites, still unopened, this way. You may have to settle for a few different styles if you are inviting a large number of people and cannot find three or more packs of the same kind, but it is worth it, especially if you are planning a vintage Halloween party.


Other Options


There are of course, the traditional store bought ones you can find at party stores and fill in the information yourself. For a few extra dollars you can also have your own printed. This gives you the best choices and saves you the hassle of having to handwrite all the data yourself. Lastly, evites are becoming more popular now. This service is usually free, can still have a picture to express the theme and saves tress by not using paper.


Whatever you decide, just relax and have a good time. Halloween party invitations are just the start of the event that should be the talk of the holiday season.



Halloween Party Invitations

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Halloween Party Invitations

Instead of purchasing a pack or two of Halloween party invitations this year, many people have decided to make their own.  They can organize the kids or have a little pre-Halloween party, and then, after gathering together the basic supplies, make a creative hour or two out of it.  Some of the basic necessities for making your own Halloween party invitations, are:

  • Orange and black construction paper.
  • Halloween stickers.
  • Halloween print scrapbook paper.
  • White glue.
  • Orange and black craft foam.
  • Orange invitation envelopes.
  • Glitter in purple and green and black and orange.
  • Glue sticks.
  • Halloween scrapbook type accessories such as stick-on pumpkins etc.


Any invitations have to be reasonably flat or else they will break the mail handling machine or just get ripped apart.  You can hold a small party to create invitations from a couple or three adults, do it by yourself on the computer, or gather some neighbor kids in and have a blast. The latter is the most fun.  Even the envelopes can be decorated as long as everything is flat or glued on well, or simply drawn on.  One of the best styles of invitation is to draw a Jack O’Lantern on some construction paper (make sure they will fit in an envelope), then cut them out.


Kids should use those blunted kids scissors and an adult can cut out the stem and face details (use pointed and small embroidery scissors).Stick green glitter on the pumpkin stem and you can also simply glue black glitter on for the face instead of cutting it out.  Every invitation can be hand lettered inside, and that can tell about the party i.e. When, Where, Time, Type (family, adults only, mostly kids).   Another good invitation is a black cat and you can sprinkle black glitter on these.  If you can’t make these outside then put newspaper down first.


If it’s a neighborhood only party and you can hand deliver the invitations then this is where you can cut loose.  Have the kids put “picks” into tiny clay pots filled with small gravel.  Paint the pots with a yellow Jack O’Lantern face.  The picks are small objects such as bats or pumpkins or flowers glued to the end of a toothpick and you can get these ready-made at the craft store.  Pop a tag around the neck of the flowerpot with the party info on it.  This type of invitation can work for other party times too.


If you run short of ideas then just relax and think of a few new ones.  You can work with an illustration program on your computer and design then print your custom-made Halloween party invitations.  You may want to outline  a pumpkin then use a few family photos to put on it.  Again, make sure that the invites will fit on party invitation envelope.  If your neighborhood is an adult one, then you can design some sassy cards, but make sure you don’t get too frisky because a niece or nephew may be  visiting a neighbor when they get one of the invites!


If you’re running short of time then there’s always the option of buying a few sets of invitations.  Most are really nice and you can make it your own by adding a sticker to the envelope.  The post office can’t really read some colors so you can check first, or send the invite in a white envelope to be safe.  Thee sizes of envelopes are rare in a regular store but office supply stores have may kinds.  A few people try making their own envelopes but they usually don’t work well.


Invitations and cards may also be made from felt, which is a nice medium to work with.  Felt glues well and doesn’t fray.  What about making a thin potpourri pumpkin ad stuffing it with a cinnamon spice mixture?  You can glue a little bow on top and make it country style by attaching a few buttons for the face.  These can also work as place cards if you’ve having a sit down Halloween feast.


Another very creative way to invite someone is to bake cookies and write the invite on them with icing.  Of course, these would have to be mailed in a little box but they are very different, as well as tasting great!