2014 List of Halloween Animations / Projections for Digital

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2014 List of Halloween Animations / Projections for Digital

Postby spooky-pancake » Tue Oct 07, 2014 6:15 am

Hey all,

I try to pull a list of all the digital projection and animations for Halloween that I can find each year. Here is the list for this year:

Family & Kid Friendly

These animations are Halloween themed, but not so scary that kids would be afraid to approach your house J

$25 - $99 - http://www.themightymicroscope.com/windowcreeps - Pumpkin projection animations that you manually put with your own music

$20 - $65 - http://www.holiday-video-stock.com - Clips and loops for Halloween projections and projects. Nothing too scary, great for kids. Also has After Effects Templates.

$25 - http://holiday-video-stock.com/index.php/halloween-hd-animations/723-halloween-projection-dvd-animations-vol-1-kid-a-family-friendly A new dvd that can be downloaded (ISO file) and burned, or ordered and delivered.*Good if it is too late for shipping

$12 - $20 - http://www.hallowindow.com/ - Mostly cartoonish and fun projections

$15 - http://www.imagineerieing.com/products.html - Mostly floating head type animations

Haunted House

These are a little more intense and scary

$40 - http://www.atmosfearfx.com/ - Pretty intense haunted house and horror projections (really high quality though)

$80 - $150 - http://www.hi-rezdesigns.com/store/home.php?cat=249 – Similar to above, lots of horror and scary projections

$150 - http://www.bateshaunt.com/dvd/ - DVD disc with some interesting effects (a bit pricey though)

$25 - $45 - http://www.scaremation.com/products.html - Really high quality haunted house animations

$8*- $25 - http://www.becksyndicate.com/Halloween/ - From silly to disturbing, small selection, but wide variety

$20 - $25 - http://www.spectralillusions.com/ - These are more spooky than scary, probably fine for most kids

$15-$17 - http://www.lightformproductions.com/store.html - I couldn’t find much for previews here, but a few DVD’s of Halloween Animations

$25 - $35 - http://www.kindredmoonproductions.com/ - Haunted House projection animations

$50 - $80 - http://www.fearmart.com/projection.php - A few spooky ones in here

Stock Videos
These videos are on stock sites and can be used in your commercial video productions

$10 - $80 http://www.pond5.com/stock-video-footage/1/halloween.html#1/2063/halloween – Wide selection of animations, some are better than others

$49 - $79 http://www.shutterstock.com/video/search/?query=halloween+background&ref_context=related_term – Wide selection, good quality

FREE - http://www.benlane.com/theeye.html - A cool interactive eye that you can control with your mouse to look at people

Feel free to add more to the list!

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