Halloween Horror Film Challenge 2007

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Halloween Horror Film Challenge 2007

Postby budgetfilmmaker » Sun Sep 23, 2007 12:43 am

“The Halloween Horror Challenge 2007 – The Final Five”
Official Registration Form

Visit http://www.budgetfilmmaker.com for more details.

The Challenge

The Halloween Horror Challenge invites you to make a film around the theme of "The Final Five."

The Final Five could incorporate any of the following themes:

1 Five minutes to Death.
2 Five minutes to The End of the World.
3 Five minutes to Midnight.
4 Five minutes to Halloween Night
5 Five minutes to… (insert your choice!)

The themes that you can choose from are fairly loose, as long as the challenge incorporates the theme "The Final Five." You can identify how your entry has satisfied this criteria on the entry form. (This is sent in together with the film closer to the submission date.)

Free Entry

This event is FREE to enter and no fee is taken for the registration, unlike most other film competitions. However, if you wish to contribute towards the cost of the venue and trophies, you may donate money to the Halloween Challenge via PayPal to hak_b@yahoo.com. Whilst encouraged, please note that all donations are entirely voluntary.

Screening Venue

The event has been arranged by the founder of the Halloween Horror Challenge, Hakan Besim, in association with I-Capture Film Productions and BudgetFilmMaker.com.

The evening will be compèred by actress Miranda Magee.

The top films will be screened at The Roxy Bar and Screen in London. This event will start at 7pm on 10th November 2007. The full address is:

Roxy Bar and Screen
128 Borough High St
London, SE1 1LB

Their web address is http://www.roxybarandscreen.com.

Highlights of the event will be found online on http://www.budgetfilmmaker.com.

Television Screening

As an optional feature of the challenge, the top films will be broadcast as part of a special horror programme in December 2007 on Propeller TV.

The top film teams will be asked to submit their films to Propeller TV for a special programme what will be shown on National TV, together with additional application forms provided by both http://www.budgetfilmmaker.com and Propeller TV. Further information will be provided to the teams that are voted amongst the top by the judges’ panel.

All films that are broadcast must meet all of the Propeller TV rules and criteria, as described on their website. Amongst these, please ensure that you do not incorporate any logos or incorporate any product placement in your film, otherwise it cannot be broadcasted on-air. (For example, if you have a bottle of tomato ketchup in your film, turn the logo away from the camera, so it does not show in the shot. This also applies for any other logos you have in your films, including on items of clothing.)

Rules and Notes

1. This competition is open to filmmakers from around the world.
2. You will need to register your team by sending in your registration form via email. This can be downloaded from the registration page identified above. We will send you a confirmation email within 48 hours.
3. The application form should be should be sent to budget_filmmaker@yahoo.co.uk.
4. All Films can be must be received by 25th October 2007 at the latest. After registering your entry, the confirmation e-mail will include details of the address to which you will need to send the film.
5. We recommend that all films are sent in by recorded or special delivery.
6. No allowances can be made for entries that are not received by the cut-off date.
7. All films must have a Horror/Halloween theme based around "The Final Five." See the section above titled “The Challenge” for further details.
8. You can make any film you like, however it must be based around the horror genre or its variants. It could incorporate any of the following: comedy horror, horror drama, psychological horror, science-fiction horror, fantasy horror, documentary/ documentary style horror, black comedy horror, thriller horror, etc.
9. All films must include full credits.
10. The film should be no longer than 10 minutes long. (Please note that this time allocation includes all credits.)
11. All films must use the English language. (Foreign language films that incorporate full English subtitles are permitted.)
12. The film must not contain any overtly pornographic, racist, homophobic or sexist material.
13. All films must be submitted on PAL Mini DV Tape or as an AVI File (Microsoft DV encoded) on DVD or CD.
14. Films can be submitted in PAL or NTSC format. However, all NTSC films can only be accepted if submitted as an AVI (Encoded as Microsoft DV AVI file) on DVD or CD.
15. Films can be produced in standard 4:3 or wide screen 16:9.
16. You are responsible for the content of your film. Therefore, you must ensure that the sound/music/motion picture is cleared for public viewing.
17. Awards and prizes will be awarded to the top three films (in the opinion of the judges‘ panel.) Further details of these prizes can be found below.
18. The Event will be filmed by Dark Light Productions. By attending the event, it will be considered that you are aware of its filming.
19. All films used will be hosted on http://www.budgetfilmmaker.com as part of the Halloween Challenge. By entering the competition, you acknowledge that the film will be available for electronic download on the aforementioned website.
20. All filmmakers must be over 18 years of age in order to submit a film to the challenge.
21. All films must be made between 25th September 2007 and 24TH October 2007. This is to ensure that all entries were made for the purpose of the competition, and are not films that have existed for some time previous to the commencement of the competition.
22. Please note that we are unable to return copies of any of the films sent in for the challenge.


1st Prize:
The new version of Avid Express Pro and The Halloween Horror trophy.

2nd Prize:
Pinnacle Studio version 11 with 2nd prize trophy.

3rd Prize:
Signed copy of Zombie Diaries and 3rd prize trophy.

All top 10 films:
… will be shown on Propeller TV subject to rules and regulations.

See http://www.budgetfilmmaker.com for more details.

Please note that if you are based outside of the United Kingdom, are unable to attend the day of the screening, and qualify for one of the top 3 prizes, we may not be able to send the prizes to you by post.

No replacements are guaranteed should any prizes be lost in the post.

We highly encourage the filmmakers who qualify for the screening at the Roxy Bar and Screen to attend the event, in order to accept prizes in person.
The Judges

Michael Bartlett
- Director/Writer/Producer of Zombie Diaries.

Kevin Gates
- Director/Writer/Producer of Zombie Diaries.

Dean Fisher
- Writer/Producer of Ten Minutes.

Tanya Andrews
- Director of Innocent Interference.

A. J. Nicholls
- Film reviewer/critic for http://www.budgetfilmmaker.com and numerous independent magazines.

Tom Richards
- Writer and Director

The Organisers

Hakan Besim – I-Capture Film Productions
- Filmmaker and webmaster of http://www.budgetfilmmaker.com.
- Founder of the Halloween Horror Challenge.

A. J. Nicholls
- Film reviewer/critic for http://www.budgetfilmmaker.com and numerous independent magazines.
- Technical advisor.

Miranda Magee
- Actress and screenplay writer
- Compère of the event.

Tom Richards and Chris Edwards – DarkLight Film Productions
- Filmmakers.
- Filming the event.

Ennis and Larry – Mouse Studios
- Sound Composers
- Sound and Technical Support
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Postby budgetfilmmaker » Wed Sep 26, 2007 10:19 pm

The Halloween Horror Film Challenge is back again! with the New Final Five Theme (Click here to read more)


1) What does the Film Challenge Offer to you?

This year AVID have donated one of their best editing suite's, AVID XPRESS PRO (Click here to read information about The Avid Site)
The showing of the event will be on November 10th 2007 at The Roxy Bar, London (Click here to read more)
The judges will watch all films which are submitted by the 25th October, these films will judged on the following areas: Direction, Acting, Screenplay, Editing, Cinephotography and Sound & Music. The 10 best films will be viewed on the night (Click here to view the Judges involved)
There are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places being awarded (Click here to read more)
All films will be put online for people to view plus this event is completely FREE!
The 10 best films will be viewed on Propeller TV on a special horror programme.(UK National TV Station)
This event is all about low budget film-making, getting film-makers involved and making the best of the resources you have to hand to make your master piece.
2) Why am I organising this event?

Halloween has always been a special time for me and I love watching and making horror films. I also wanted to see other aspiring filmmakers enjoy this event with me, by making a collection of the best low budget horror short films around.

2) How the Halloween Horror first started and it's history?

Admittly, there are masses of Halloween Horror Film Challenges about, but I first started my own Halloween Film Challenge event in 2004. where I set out to make my own short Halloween film in a week. This challenge grew in 2005 where other filmmakers such as Reach for Dream Productions and Def Monkey Film Productions made shorts for the event. In 2006, the event grow massively when I teamed with Media Killer Film Productions and Film Club to create a very successful event. This year I have teamed up with Tom Richards & Chris Edwards from Darklight Film Productions, the makers of British Low Budget Horror Film "Zombie Diaries" - Mike Bartlett and Kevin Gates, Dean Fisher - Writer/Producer or 10 Minutes, Tanya Andrews - Writer/Director of Innocent Interference, Andy Nicholls - Film reviewer/critic, Miranda Magee - Actress and screenplay writer and Mouse Studios to create a even more aspiring event than before.

3. What do you get out of this event?

The opportunity to network with other film makers who have a immutable passion for filmmaking. It's also a good opportunity to meet new people, who you may work with in the future, such as actors, directors, producers, DOP's, make-up artists etc. The opportunity to win the best video editing suite on the market, have your film screened on national TV. (Subject to Propeller TV's rules and regulations) and have your film screened in front of a live audience at The Roxy Bar - one of the best five cinemas in London - Time Out. As a bonus, all films will be screened online at http://www.budgetfilmmaker.com. So what are you waiting for? All films must be received by the 25th October at the latest.

To register and become part of The Halloween Horror Film Challenge 2007 (Click here)
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Re: Halloween Horror Film Challenge 2007

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is there goin to be another this year,,, i would like to try out :)
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