How we roll

Are you having a Halloween Party? Discuss ideas here!
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How we roll

Post by ghostrider » Thu Oct 07, 2010 7:33 pm

This is our annual Halloween party! I can hardly wait!
We live about 2 miles outside of our Ohio town on I guess what you could call our "mini farm". We have a dozen or so laying hens, a couple of pet goats, bunnies, 2 dogs and too many barn cats, on 5 acres. The front half of the property is our ranch house, pond and many maple and willow trees. There is a separate drive which leads to the back half of the property where my shop stands (30x40 pole barn with wood heat). The property is also partially wooded (which we haunt for the hayride).

A headless scarecrow points the way down the lane to the party. As guests arrive (hopefully in costume) they add their offering to the Hobo Stew which is cooking over an open fire, or take their dish into our highly decorated shop. The Kids usually play in the woods (there are hiking trails and one trail big enough for the hay wagon. They see the props that are set up out there, and we have several activities throughout the early evening including a few early hayrides. But...... the real scare comes later. We do warn the parents and kids that the late rides will BE SCARY!! We break out different costumes, chainsaws (chains removed of course) and it is really fun to give them a surprise from the props which they previously believed to be stationary. For instance, one year, we hung my wifes headless bride costume from a tree, a bit off the path, with a black light on it, holding a fake head. As the Hayride left my shop, we sneaked out, put the headless costume on my wife and let the fun begin. When she started walking toward the hayride reactions were PRICELESS! I've always got a few new tricks up my sleeve and this year is no exception.

Sample invite...

Our Halloween Bash
October 16th, 2010
-My shop
*What time...
-5:00 pm or whenever you arrive (earlier or later)
*What to briing...
-Yourselves (preferably in costume but you don't
have to).
-Something to add to the Hobo Stew, and/or a
dish to pass. What to add to the stew??
Be creative, we need veggies or meat. If you’ll be
arriving late, please be sure meat is pre-cooked.
-Your preferred beverage..
(We'll have juice for the kids)
-Bonfire, hobo stew, hayride through the spooky
woods, games for the kids, and a couples cornhole
tourney. (10.00 per couple) We would like to have
brackets so please let us know if you want in...

We always have a huge bonefire to finish off the night. A good time is always had by all, children and adults alike, and we can never fit everyone who wants to ride on the wagon at once. Its a lot of work, but its well worth it!

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