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Assassination Game

Post by Assassin » Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:32 pm

None of you know who I am but you all have seen me before.
I am a murderer and your lives are at stake. People will die very soon.
To make things interesting, I've decided to make a game out of this.

Each round, I will post clues to my identity and also who I intend to kill. If you figure out who I am, I lose. If you figure out who I was targeting, that person is saved and I will seek another victim for the next round.
Four of you will be "agents", individuals who are allowed to make official accusations as to who I am.
Three of you will be "associates", individuals allowed to consult with the agents about my indentity, but you cannot make official accusations.
A total of seven will be allowed to play, but I will target anyone I want.
These positions in the game will be decided before I post my first clue so if you want in you need to speak up now.
Good luck.

(Mods can see who I am from looking at my IP address, so I ask mods not to play or spoil the fun. Once my identity is found, I will privately contact someone else on the forums and give them the password to this account and the game continues with a different assassin.)

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