Dusty Notebook

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Dusty Notebook

Post by Nostalgiascape » Fri May 10, 2019 3:35 am

Write down creative thoughts, little poems, short writings in here if you like.


I hear a howl upon the wind.
Goosebumps appear on my skin.
A scratch on the window gives me a fright.
I hear you Devil, but not tonight.
You will not take me this chilly night.
The wind howls and old shudders slam. Leaves blow in through an open door.A dark figure enters in. A blade slides down from his sleeve.

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Re: Dusty Notebook

Post by Voskhod02 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 5:23 am

Oh, I clicked on the link to this thread thinking it would be about DIY creepy-looking notebooks that one could use as decoration or as a role playing game item for Halloween... :lol: so if you guys come up with good horror short stories and need something to write them on for the big day, here's what gave me good results:
-Take a notebook with entirely blank pages (no dates, appointment spaces etc, just white pages) and a leather-like cover
-Rub the pages with a wet teabag to give them a darker, worn-out look; don't soak the pages as they will get unstuck, stick to each other and crumble!
-Carefully, CAREFULLY (if you children want to make the notebook themselves, do it instead of them) run the flame of a lighter or match around the pages of the close notebook. It has to beslow enough for the edges of the pages to burn a little and get a black and uneven profile, and fast enough so that your notebook doesn't catch fire. It can help to do it on a book that's still wet from the teabag.
-Let dry and cool for one to three days according to the temperature and moisture of the place you put the notebook in

And boom, you're good to go, you've got the perfect old sorcerer's book to write potion recipes, monster descriptions, treasure maps (that lead to a chest full of candy buried in the yard... Put the candy in a closed plastic bag before closing the chest and burying it!) and terrifying stories in!

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Re: Dusty Notebook

Post by Pumpkin_Head » Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:03 pm

Picture yourself in the following scenario.

A mysterious package comes to the door. It's a DVD ROM which contains a video game that only requires a standard keyboard and mouse. You put the disc into the drive, and click on play. The title "Make a Wish" comes up prominently and then a text box with the instruction "type in wish here." Curiosity gets the best of you, so you type the words "I wish I had 10 million dollars." There's a knock at your front door. It's a tv crew and a rep from Publishers Clearing House there to inform you that you won the grand prize of 10 million dollars. You entered that contest a while back. You are presented with a certified check, do an interview for the cameras, and start thinking in terms of spending your 'win fall.' You decide to deposit then you remember the computer screen. Under the text box where you typed your wish, the word "granted" appears under it. Right above the text box is a button that says "Next Move." Again, curiosity gets the best of you and you click on it. 3 photos appear on the screen. One is of a very close relative (i.e. husband, wife, brother or what ever) your best friend and yourself. Under the photos another instruction appears which reads "Please select the image of the person who is to die in payment for your wish. If you shut off the computer or fail to make a selection within 60 seconds, your own image will be automatically selected and you will die."

Sort of a high-tech on the 'Chinaman's button."


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