So much to know about Jack-the 'pumpkin king' of Halloween!!

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So much to know about Jack-the 'pumpkin king' of Halloween!!

Postby Abraham631 » Sat Sep 21, 2013 11:30 pm

Jack, the ‘pumpkin king’ of Halloween is a supposed bad guy, whom we love to hate. Yet, when we see him chained and whipped by devil’s henchmen till bleeding causes him to faint, we pity him. When he becomes the linchpin of Halloween and Christmas worlds, and the sole protector from devil’s ruthless takeover, we start rooting for him. Jack had sold his soul to Devil, and risks excruciating death by grilling alive in the burning embers if Devil so chooses. Yet, he must rise from an underdog as a ‘dark hero’ to thwart Devil’s desire. But will Jack’s intellect, cunning, and hook or by crook policy be enough against the impossible odds?
[ This excerpt is taken from 'Halloween Penetrates Christmas' (YA novel). I downloaded free sample from It is really gripping, globe-trotting and fast paced novel. I'll finish it and post later, and maybe search the full eBook from my favorite retailer].

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