Britain's Premier Cryptozoologist (Monster Hunter)

Do you have *real* ghost photos or unexplained photos? This is the section for it.
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Britain's Premier Cryptozoologist (Monster Hunter)

Postby Uath » Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:50 am

Funny how spelling is...the word "premier" didn't look right to me. It still doesn't. Blame Spell-Check.

Oh well, my website just published an "Interview With Jonathan Downes." This is the second in a series about Monster Hunters in Britain.

I'm not British, but I do a lot of work iin the British small press horror mags. I've been working with an English writer named Jason Whittle who's conducted the interviews. The intro and captions are mine. I've also included lots of photos, and a couple of my illustrations. Give it a look:

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