Falling back on the Gamecube.

Horror, Halloween Video Games etc. Games such as BioShock, Dead Space, Resident Evil.
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Falling back on the Gamecube.

Postby Nostalgiascape » Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:48 pm

My computers hard drive is failing. I know bummer. I can still use the net but I can't get my war on with Warhammer Online. So I has purchased a system I used to own, and old favs for games. The Cube. That's right, the Gamecube. Underdog system of the previous decade. Its nice, I jam out to Nintendo trademark titlesd as well as remakes exclusive for Gamecube such as Resident Evil and Resint Evil 0. Recent game purchases include Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Gun, The Hobbit, Rouge Squadron II, and Legends of Wrestling II. I find Legends of wrestling II has extensive playability. Next system I buy back? Ps2, then the re-collecting really begins.
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