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Costume Quest

Postby MauEvig » Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:41 pm

Ever find a video that is actually <i> about </i> Halloween? Costume Quest would be the game you're looking for.
You play one of two twins, you get to choose to play either the brother or sister, and you walk around town on Halloween night gathering candy. But there's a twist, your sibling (whichever one you don't pick) gets kidnapped by the evil Grobbins. These monsters are trying to steal all the candy for themselves. So you go around town, trick or treating, and you have to fight the monsters. Your power ups are your costumes. What's cool is that your costume, a Robot costume for example will transform your character into an actual Robot. So your different powers will depend on your costume.
The battle style is similar to turn based style you'd find in Final Fantasy games, but you have to hit certain buttons at certain times to execute different commands which adds a bit of challenge to the game.
It's really a lot of fun. And if you're a grown up, it's almost like experiencing trick or treating all over again. ^^;
If you are a gamer, and like RPGs, and are into Halloween like many of us here on the board are, I'd highly recommend this game.
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