Bisbee, Arizona: Hotel LaMore

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Bisbee, Arizona: Hotel LaMore

Postby jadewik » Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:21 pm

So... as a hobby of mine, I like to go on ghost walks/tours. I also like to take photos and tell ghost stories. A couple years ago, I did the Old Bisbee Ghost Tour-- they also run the Tombstone ghost walk as well. I have to say of the two I liked Bisbee better. It had a better atmosphere for a ghost walk and you got to go inside some of the locations.


Anyway, that's enough publicity for the tour.

They told a lot of stories, but of the many different locations I liked Hotel LaMore best. I may write about other locations later... =)


Hotel LaMore is located in Old Bisbee. If you've seen that geographically and topographically challenged film "3:10 to Yuma" you'd know a little of what Old Bisbee was like... only you'd be wrong because that movie sucks. It took the people 3-days to go about a mile from the town (which is on the hillside and not in a dusty plain) to the tunnel.

This was taken about a 10-second drive from the outside of the tunnel:

... and here's another photo of Old Bisbee to illustrate the non-flat look of the place:

Anyway, among the reputed ghosts at Hotel LaMore there is a ghost cat. The cat is said to haunt the second floor corner room in the photo posted below (the window above "Hotel" on the NW side). The cat is said to sleep at the foot of the bed and persons sleeping in the bed of this room feel the presence of an animal on the bed with them. People have also told of seeing the ghost downstairs, where a stray cat had been given food in the past. No one knows what happened to the stray and it is surmised that it died and that's the animal who still visits the Hotel LaMore. The cat also hangs out in the area west of the hotel... though, I wouldn't be surprised of those were just other stray animals....


Our next ghostly story involves a miner... or at least an apparition of a miner who has been said to walk down the stairs beside the west wall of Hotel LaMore. Bisbee was, you guessed it, an old mining town. Anyway, the miner wears coveralls and (if I remember correctly) carries a pick axe or a shovel as he walks down the steep stairs. (Stair photo below)


... and I've saved the best for last...

There is a story of two boys who were using the stairs beside Hotel LaMore. They ran up the stairs, but when they got to the top of the stairs, they were scared by the translucent figure of a woman in white. She held her hand out as if gesturing to the kids to stop. Terrified by the apparition, the boys ran back down the stairs and away from the area... as they ran down the stairs, there was a rock slide that completely buried the walkway behind the hotel. Had the boys been behind the hotel when the avalanche of rocks had started, they would have died. So... one has to wonder... was the woman in white a hallucination? Was she a guardian angel or ghost? Who knows... but those boys sure have a great story to tell.

Below is a photo of the walkway (now cleared of debris) behind the Hotel LaMore.

Oh, and just FYI... the see-through woman in the first photo isn't a ghost. She was someone on the tour who was moving when I took the photo-- the photo was taken on the "night photo" setting... which has the tendency to blur moving objects or make them translucent.


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Re: Bisbee, Arizona: Hotel LaMore

Postby witchy » Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:27 pm

Jadewik those are great pics & stories, that would be awesome to go too!! :D
P.S. I really like your blurred photo in the end, it gives it that creepy factor!! :wink:

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Re: Bisbee, Arizona: Hotel LaMore

Postby Andybev01 » Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:31 pm


"Girls in Bisbee could use a little glamor." - Lynn Bracken, LA Confidential
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