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Halloween Vampires

The Vampire Legends tour Offering reasonably priced tours of historic cemeteries in southern New England which are connected to true vampire legends.

Pam Keesy's Daughter's of Darkness All about female vampires, information for vampire enthusiasts, and vampire stories.

The First Brood Dedicated to the first five and most powerful vampires to roam the earth. chat, forums, directories and more

Yahoo's compilation of Vampire sites -- always updated!

Halloween On The Web

Halloween News

Halloween dot com and are your destinations on the World Wide Web to find everything for Halloween. Currently you're able to find the nation's premier haunted houses, costumes, pumpkins, crafts, monsters, Halloween party information and more.'s (shared with forums are also the best place to discuss everything Halloween related. Happy Halloween and Happy Haunts with the haunted houses, crafts and other Halloween information we provide on!

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