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Costume ideas for a walker

For people with a medical condition requiring them to use a walker, finding a good Halloween Costume can be a challenge. We've put together a few ideas below to help you or someone you love out. The costumes range from quite simple to very elaborate depending upon your inclination and time. We also have pages for more handicapped costume ideas, ideas for costumes for people using walkers and costume ideas for people using wheelchairs. The Forums also have sections to discuss these type of costume ideas.

  • * Go as a grocery shopper. You could use the walker as part of a shopping cart and be shopping.
  • * Or cover the walker with brown butcher paper and BE the groceries in a bag!!
  • * Putting on a Texas Ranger (or other cowboy type costume) costume and going as "Walker, Texas Ranger".
  • * Use pieces of cardboard to build a haunted castle or haunted house and you can dress as frankentstein or a ghost or witch etc...looking out the window.
  • * A robot which includes the walker which would take account of limited mobility.
  • * Build it up into a haunted tree and you could be an owl.
  • * You could also put some mountainous pictures on the walker and when people ask what you are, you could say "The Walker Mountains in Antarctica of course!" Or some pictures of a lake and go as "Walker Lake" - there are a number of Walker Lakes out there.
  • * Get a large stiff piece of cardboard to attach to the front, shaped and painted or colored to look like a coffin with a small opening for you to look out of. Old fashioned coffins used to have a little window, sometimes shaped like a bat with screening in it!
  • * How about french fries and a drink? The fries are the walker and the drink is you.
  • * You could be a Christmas present. The box is opened and you are coming out as a doll or jack-in-the-box.
  • * Put a little model of a city on top of the walker, then dress up as Godzilla or some other monster coming towards the city about to CRUSH it.
If you have more ideas or want to talk more about it, come and see the Forums costume section.

Some other great inspiration is shown below:

  • Photos of costumes from the Bridge School: from a fireman in a fire truck (the wheel chair) to an ice cream stand to a flower in a garden to Alladin on his magic carpet to a biker and babe! These are some wonderful costume ideas.
  • The MDA also has some pictures of more costume ideas.
  • And finally, there are more great ideas are on this page.
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