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Disney Dress-Up Games

Date Added: January 05, 2012 07:01:26 AM
Author: keosmile
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Dress-up games are a great way for kids to play creatively online. If your kids are fans of the Disney stars and princesses, you can find a wealth of fun, safe games online that let them play personal stylist to some of their favorite characters from the world of Disney. Disney Princess Dress Up 2 In "Disney Princess Dress Up 2," which can be found on the Girls Go Games website, you get to create the looks of the iconic Disney princesses on your model. Click to drag and drop the dresses, shoes, accessories and hairstyles onto your model to turn her into a Disney princess, or mix and match to make your own, Disney inspired look! If you need inspiration, hover your mouse over the question mark to see all of the possible looks. Disney Princess Mix and Match "Disney Princess Mix and Match," from the DressUp24h website, is another simple dress up game where you get to create an iconic Disney look or design your own princess style. Click to drag and drop each article of clothing, prop or hairstyle onto your model, and then let go to let it snap into place. The game includes the looks of classic princesses Ariel, Snow White, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora and Belle, as well as less traditional Disney characters such as Alice in Wonderland, Princess Eilonwy, Megara and Kida. Rock Star Fashion Challenge "Rock Star Fashion Challenge," which is offered on the official Disney website, gives you the opportunity to play personal stylist to Disney pop star Hannah Montana. In the game, you need to hunt through Hannah Montana's room to find each article of clothing she needs to wear for her big concert tonight and get her dressed. Pay attention to the limousine at the bottom of the screen --- once it gets to her house, you need to have your outfit finished! Disney Princess In "Disney Princess," which can be found on the Dress Up Who website, you get to dress up the classic Disney princesses and create their traditional looks. Use your mouse to drag and drop each dress, top, pair of shoes, hair style and accessory onto your model to create the perfect look. You can recreate the looks of the traditional Disney princesses or mix and match pieces to come up with your own unique style.
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