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Title:3 Evil Ghouls Take Over A Town
Category:Halloween Sounds, Videos
Description:3 Evil Ghouls Take Over A Town Cruising along Hwy 101 in Encinitas CA., I imagine people out shopping couldn't believe their eyes as they watched this Cherry Red Cadillac Convertible slowly make its way through town. 3 Ghouls, each uglier and scarier than the other. The three Ghouls look like they just were in a monster movie. Their faces and hands were pasty white with a greenish cast as if they just came from the graveyard. It could have been a scene from Monster High. It gave me Goosebumps. Also, in the car were 2 lovely young women all decked out in colorful short sexy outfits.They made quite a sight, a real unruly bunch dressed in black leather and 2 hot babes creating havoc on Main Street. Scooby Doo would be running for the hills. As it was people were standing on the street mouth open wondering if it was a full monster movie or just funny pranks? Well, that's the tame part of this video, These wild eyed monsters with their dark reddish eyes and blood dripping down their faces proceeded to tear up the town. Skateboarding, drinking, alcohol in public places, smoking, spray painting on walls, smashing pumpkins all over town, taking candy from a little clown and scaring the hell out of everyone who just happen to come close by. They attack a cop as he tries to stop them, took his baton and cap. What's a person to do, these are 3 Evil Ghouls and they are taking over your town? Find out where they go next.
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