Creepy Crafters Marketplace, better than Etsy & Ebay!

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Creepy Crafters
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Creepy Crafters Marketplace, better than Etsy & Ebay!

Post by Creepy Crafters » Wed Jul 08, 2020 6:51 pm

Hey Boils and Ghouls!

You ever get tired of your original and handmade Halloween or Horror Art, Props, Masks, Decorations, Costumes etc getting lost in a sea of non awesome and non Halloween items on Etsy or EBay? Us too!

A coven of artists and creators of creep have joined forces to launch an Etsy/Ebay style online marketplace FOR Halloween and Horror artists, BY Halloween/Horror artists to solve this problem and it’s called Creepy Crafters!

We have hundreds of insanely talented artists who've joined us already from all over the world and a couple thousand buyers who've signed up for the mailing list. We're adding lots more great talent daily! We want YOU too!!

We're currently beta testing the site and will be launching to the public in August! Just in time to gear up for the best season of all, HALLOWEEN! Cause come on, it’s not just a holiday, it’s a lifestyle for most of us and at very least a season that lasts from Aug to Early November for most Halloween fanatics.

We've got all sorts of awesome stuff planned. Leading up to launch, we're going to have some incredible art giveaways by some super talented artists, like the ones included in this post by Artist, Sharon Bloom.

We'll also be doing some charity auctions and other great events throughout the season and giving back to our incredible communities.

Many artists, like myself, have had most, if not ALL of their shows, conventions & fairs cancelled this year. For many of us, that’s our bread and butter. Being an artist is a tough and highly underpaid gig in most circumstances. We really depend on shows, interacting with the public, word of mouth, one on one interactions. We wanted to find a way to band together, support each other and keep doing what we love and thus, Creepy Crafters was born.

So if you’re a Halloween or Horror artist, prop maker, sculptor, costume maker, mask maker, all around creepy creator that’s been affected by the shut down we’ve been experiencing due to COVID, or if you’re an awesome collector or buyer, or even just a lurker (Yes Vlad, we see you in the bushes), we’d love it if you’d join our marketplace! Come sell your incredible work, share your passion, browse other artists items, and find some time to support your fellow Halloween enthusiasts and hopefully find some support and camaraderie in the process!

This is my very impassioned call to ALL of you! Join our creepy little crew and let’s get through the hardships we’re currently experiencing, together!!

Creepy Crafters will be your one stop shop for ALL things handmade Horror and Halloween! I know you’re going to love it!

Join us at

We can’t wait to meet you!

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Re: Creepy Crafters Marketplace, better than Etsy & Ebay!

Post by Pumpkin_Head » Sat Jul 11, 2020 8:53 pm

Sounds like it's worth checking out.


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