Make Flying Ghosts - - Halloween Decorations on a Budget

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Make Flying Ghosts - - Halloween Decorations on a Budget

Post by MomsBreak » Mon Oct 17, 2011 1:27 pm

I assume everyone knew how to make flying ghost out of tissue paper but after posting an article on my Halloween blog on how to ... Let's just say a learned a lot of young adults didn't know how to make them. Here is the article for those who never made these.

Here’s a clever idea that’s so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it! Allow you need is plain white tissue paper, white facial tissues or toilet paper, and white string or yarn.

1. Cut the white tissue paper in squares of all sizes.

2. Place the square of tissue paper on the table. Right in the middle of the tissue paper, put a wadded up facial tissue or several sheets of toilet paper.

3. Gather the edges of the square of tissue paper together, keeping the wad of tissue stuffed into the middle of the square.

4. Squeeze the tissue paper together, under the wad of tissue, and wrap tightly and tie.

5. Now you have a Ghost!

You can “fly” the ghost by attaching a long string, piece of yarn, or even plain white curl ribbon to the string tied under the ghost’s head. Make the strings different lengths.

Hang the ghosts, at all different levels from a chandelier, ceiling fan, doorway, in the window, or underneath a patio umbrella…really anywhere you can find!

If you are having a paper, be sure to hang ghosts in the bathroom!

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