Airbrush your props

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Airbrush your props

Post by Broken Dreams » Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:16 am

One of my many hobbies is airbrush art I've been doing it for years now so for those of
you who would like to try this here ya go. For painting on your props instead of dry brushing
you can get a better effect by airbrushing. There are 2 types of airbrushes "single action"
this type is one that when you push down on the trigger you get both paint and air at the same time. Then there's "Dual action" which is the best this type you rock back on the trigger
to get the paint and push down to get air. The reason why this type is better is because you control the amount of paint being used, and you can get better detail in your work. In some
of the airbrushes you can get down to a pencil line of detail. Also you'll find in the types of brushes there is "gravity feed" and "siphon feed" with Gravity feed the cup is on top of the brush and these can range from 1/4oz to 1/2oz and some have interchangeable cups. With the siphon feed obviously the cup is on bottom now with this type of brush you can change the cup sizes to whatever you like. By that I mean that when you get the brush usually there is a
1 or 2 cups small and large. here's the trick go buy up a bunch of glass or plastic baby food jars
remove the nozzle from the original jars take the baby food lid drill the holes and transfer the nozzle to them and you have many jars from which to work and less expensive. Most beginners choose this type because of this and ease of use. Now some of you may ask what brand to get and where to buy these. For beginners I suggest going with the dual action siphon feed
because you of the low cost. In a moment we'll discuss paints but first let me recommend some brushes for you. for the siphon feed 2 that I recommend are the Paasche VL series
with this brush you get 3 needles, 3 tips, 6 foot hose, and 2 cups 1/2oz and 3oz this brush is a workhorse I own 4 of them had them for over 10 years and they still work great. The other is the Badger 150 series not sure what all comes with it but I do know it's a good brush. The price range on the Paasche is generally around $65 to $75 depending where you go. The Badgers are around $50 to $60 you can look this up on line for price. Harbor freight sells airbrushes as well but they're not not quality brushes in my opinion but will work for this purpose go to and look up airbrushes you'll find they have package deals on them. Now for the more advanced artist I recommend these brushes they provide greater detail they are better built therefore they last longer depending on how you treat them.
Iwata airbrushes are among the best out there right now ask any airbrusher what they use chances are it's an Iwata I have 1 it's the HP series and I love this brush it's smooth action great detail and it's a workhorse for this grade of brush. Iwata has many versions from which to choose depending on what you want it for. NOTE!! DO NOT under any circumstance buy the Iwata NEO it's a chinese knock off and it's a piece of junk. Now onto the next I strongly recommend buying the DeVillbiss DAGR this brush is so smooth to operate and it to is a workhorse and then some. My best friend in California is a custom painter and airbrush artist
he helped design this brush and swears by it (Check out I have one it's an excellent brush. Badger sells one that is getting rave reviews it's the SOTAR from what I've heard its a great brush. As for paints since most of you will be painting indoors i recommend going with the autoair brand they are used for automotive work but they work on everything these are made by the same people who make Createx textile paints. NOTE!!
for both autoair and createx to work you have to heat set them or it'll will come off or wash out. Now for the financially challenged(Like Me) you can get those latex paints from Wally world or you favorite hobby store if reduced correctly they work great through the brush.
In closing let me say this when choosing an air compressor to run you brush I strongly urge you to get one with a tank, regulator and above all a water trap. You can use a pancake
compressor or the dual tank or the regular tank but my advice is go with as big a tank as you can afford that way the motor won't be running all of the time. DO NOT get one of those little airbrush compressors with no tank because it will burn out in no time. If you have any questions feel free to ask either by replying to this post or pm me. I hope you've learned something now go have fun. And Haunt on my fellow Freaks.
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Re: Airbrush your props

Post by witchy » Sun Jul 24, 2011 6:32 pm

Thanks, I may try it!!

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